Shaiya Exile

Welcome to Shaiya Exile-the longest running private Shaiya server. We released our long awaited new client , adding Kanos and other new maps. We also added 3 new custom weapons for each class and 3 new sets of armore for each class. Kills have been expanded to 3 million and now double the ranks , from 16 to 32.The farming maps have been updated now to VR and PR to enable you to get uber better.


Great PVP

Enjoy great PVP, with balanced classes.
And many PVP events done by the GM's
and Admins. Also Events for PVP 15 and PVP 30


Custom Content

Custom gears. Custom costume skins
with over 40 choices plus Custom weapons.



Server Time (GMT +1)
Oblivion Insula
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