Respected Server

Longest running Shaiya private server: Stable host with DDOS protection- with almost 100% uptime , with an Admin who cares about the players and a staff that is here for your needs.


Great PVP

PVP - Where the best pvpr's play EP 4.5 skills , no overpowered classes Lots of experienced players here to help


Custom Content

Custom content - Episode 4.5 skills with Episode 5 maps and Episode 5 and 6 gear. Over 30 custom costumes to choose from and many custom weapons.




28 June 2016
Welcome to Shaiya Exile-the longest running private Shaiya server. We released our long awaited new client , adding Kanos and other new maps. We also added 3 new custom weapons for each class and 3 new sets of armor for each class. Kills have been expanded to 3 million and now double the ranks , from 16 to 32.The farming maps have been updated now to VR and PR to enable you to get uber better.
Server Time (GMT +3)
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